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Have you ever wondered how an ordinary woman like you can acquire dramatic, expressive eyelashes just like numerous advertising and magazine models? Have you tried various ways to improve the growth of your eyelashes, yet end up disappointed either because they come up too false-looking or they cost you too much? Do you want cut back the money and all the effort you have wasted? Idol Eyelash Enhancer may be the breakthrough product you have been looking for. What’s more, with free samples too! A great plus for you, isn’t it?
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You may be asking what this yet another eyelash growth enhancer product is all about. It is topically applied at the base of your eye lashes, same as you do to your eyeliner. Just be sure to clean your lashes (and your face as a whole) of makeup prior to application. Carefully apply two coats, taking note to coat each root carefully, every night. Do this consistently for 2 weeks, and you will have fuller, thicker, longer lashes. Clinical studies have shown through a panel of 15 users from various age groups, its effects. Twenty-five percent of the length of the person’s eyelashes has been added. This length, take note, is the ideal length for the most natural look. A length beyond the said percent will definitely make you look like Lady Gaga with her creepy false eyelashes in one of her videos, and you won’t want that to happen!
Indeed, growing eyelashes has never been easier with this product. Compare this to the laborious task of going to the eyelash extension or eyelash perming salon regularly. Aside from the time it eats up, you are risking your eyesight with the eyelash glue or the eyelash adhesives they use. Eyelash curlers may be the next handy solution, but it works differently on people who have short eye lashes from the very start. Eye makeup and eye lash tint is another do-it-yourself solution, but it is definitely time-consuming. Furthermore, it certainly won’t achieve the polished natural look only Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancers can give.
As a smart consumer, you should weigh out the following pros and cons, and decide carefully. To help you on this crucial process, Idol lash free samples are available, offered only in a limited time in territories of US, Canada, Australia, Europe and UK (as at the time of writing this Idol eyelash review). Do not waste any more time! Immediately inquire on how to avail of this special offer, and see for yourself the reality this article is presenting. It is one move you certainly won’t regret!
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